Portugal’s transparent success in fighting Covid-19


On the 4th July the Portuguese Government received the disappointing news that the British Government is not including Portugal in the countries and territories exemption list. This despite the fact that they have made every effort to showcase the work of Portugal fighting this virus (they were one of the first countries to enter into lockdown and we are continuing the massive testing, being today the 6th country that does more tests to its population, plus the first country to gain WTTC recognition for safety and hygiene protocols). Below pictures show all of this data.

Holidaymakers should rest assured that VisitPortugal and its Portuguese Government are doing everything and continuing discussions in order to reverse this decision. We strongly believe on a positive outcome, hopefully very soon, and we will continue to work hard as a destination to keep gaining the trust of tour operators and of their clients, with the same transparency since the beginning of this pandemic.

We continue strongly committed in assuring all necessary conditions for your customers to enjoy their holidays in Portugal with safety.

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